About Me

Hi, I am Christy Thomas.

 I am a human in love with black coffee.  I’m a daily runner.  I’m married to my college sweetheart.  I have three amazing kids and one annoying cat.   I love being with my family and laughing.   I mess up a lot and keep my heart soft.  I say I’m sorry daily.  I open books, listen to podcasts and watch TED talks to learn and grow more. 

I love learning about play.  I want to be mindful so I can be a human being and not just a human doing.  

I’m a military spouse who often parented alone in the early years and found ways to let go of the stress and enjoy my life, go to bed feeling connected to my kids, and keep growing. 



What I Do for you?

I want YOU to be the happiest mom you know.

Disclosure Policy and Affiliate Relationships

This site, Everyday Motherhood Podcast & Everyday Motherhood Text Messages are written and produced by Christy Thomas.   For questions about this site, please contact play4life.christy@gmail.com



I am a homeschool mom, military spouse, and former public school teacher with lots of advice and opinions. The opinions and thoughts expressed on this site are my own based on my experience.  I encourage all readers/listeners to seek a wide variety of opinions when making a decision and to consult professionals when making serious decisions about the natural human development or medical decisions that affect the well-being of yourself and your child.  


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