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Christy Thomas

Connection & Play Expert,   Motherhood Coach  for  Self-Care and Positive Parenting and Podcaster

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20 Years Of Experience Exploring Play and Childhood.

I’ve been curious about the power of play since I took my first Red Cross babysitting class at age 11.  I knew that play had the magic to create laughter and connection.   I’ve spent thousands of hours setting up invitations to play in before and after school, classrooms, family nights, and in my own house.  I want to unlock the science of play for you so that it can become the glue that keeps your family connected together or apart. 

What I want to help you with

Play Invitations

Stop and Connect With Your Kids


Listen to the Everyday Motherhood Podcast. Motherhood is too important to do it alone.

Science of Play

Play is a LIFELONG activity that keeps your brain strong.

Self-Care for Moms

Be a human while raising a human

Military Family Life

Deployment, Reintegration, Moving & Why I Run Every Day

What People Are Saying

Here's what people who have worked with me want you to know.

"Christy’s reminders that fun is an essential part of attachment, especially when life is hard, help keep me on the lookout for opportunities to connect in fun ways!"
Rachal Pollard
Imperfect Life Coach & Mom of Four
"I always appreciate your prompting on Sunday evenings to do something to ease our Monday. I've incorporated the box breathing method into my calming toolbox and use it often. I love your gentle ways of encouragement to find contentment in the present and a safe place to seek help or guidance. Your steadfast campaign to remember the submarine sailors who've passed. And, most of all, the joy that you find in your family and your excitement for us to find and keep the joy in ours."
Mary Brown
Awesome Adult & Grayhound Mom
"Christy’s podcasts and reminders ha e helped me become a more calm and confident parent. She reminds us daily that we are the right parents for our children and gives great tips on bonding and fun!"
Marissa S
Mom of Two
"Christy’s texts are the perfect reminders for me to slow down and connect with my family through play or take time to fill my own cup. She has so many great ideas and little doses of inspiration"
Kim T
Mom to One
"Christy's message is all about choosing connection and slowing down. Just when I need the reminder most, Christy somehow pops up on my screen or in my ear!"
Meghan F
Mom to Six

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